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03. Updates

Chapter 1- The Basics


Urbanity -
(noun) ur·ban·i·ty \ˌər-ˈba-nə-tē
2. Urban life
Urbanity is a mini, semi-automated Trading Card Game focused on urban/city life. For those of you who played Urban, you can think of this as the mini or simpler version of the game.
Furthermore, Urbanity was created because I wanted to own a travel TCG without all the work. I have ran and co-owned a few travel TCGs in my time. Each one has been more work than the last. I wanted something simpler with a some-what new idea not structured around a basic theme. I remember back in the day playing Urban and I loved it! I even offered to take it over when the previous owner wanted to close it. However, communication was short and nothing happened. Fast forward to 8-9 years later, after several attempts... Urbanity is finally born!

So, what's a miniature (mini) TCG, right? According to Rahenna, the creator of the first mini/simple TCG it's:
    No stamp cards, member cards, group games, forum, blah. No frills. Play the casual games, get the pretty cards, trade a bit, and just enjoy!
Over the years, this has changed from TCG to TCG. This game is definitely no frill-y but it does utilize member cards. Even with this in mind, this game will still allow its users stress-free and casual play. I'm hoping for all those that miss travel TCGs and do not want to see them close so soon, that this will be an outlet. So, we look forward to awaiting your arrival ;)

Urbanity's History
  • 8/28/16- Urbanity is in its prejoin stage.
  • 9/15/16- Urbanity is now an active TCG
  • 11/05/16- 30 Members!

  • Inspiration
    As aforementioned, Urbanity was heavily inspired by Urban. It also takes elements from Bon Voyage (game setup + card page), Bite Sized and Tiny Legend (mini TCG + concept), Countdown (coupon exchange) and from listening to TCG members over the years. So, thank you all very much! ♥

    How to Play

    Before we can join and play a TCG, it's probably best to learn what it actually is!
      TCG: Is an Online Trading Card Games. Similar to the trading cards you knew as a child.
    Rather than playing in person and collecting cards from packs at the store, you collect everything online. The goal is to collect all of the cards you like, also know as mastering a deck. Online TCGs are free to play, a lot of fun, and very addictive! Fast fact: The idea was originally credited by Calico, creator of the original online TCG, Senshi Card Mania! R.

    How it works:
    You can join after reading our list of rules and guidelines, needed for proper play. After you join with your designated username, email, tradepost link (look in tradeposts) and password that will be used to access your member panel, you will receive a starter pack. Your starter pack will entail about 6 cards to start off with (2 random, 4 from your collecting deck), a coupon (our form of currency.
    As soon as your tradepost is up, you can start playing, trading and taking cards from updates the month that you joined right away. This is an automated TCG so you do not have to wait for me to approve you.
    In case you wanted to know, you can begin earning cards through any of these means:
  • Donating: Buttons, Images, Badges
  • Games: The Cafe, Club and Casino
  • Leveling Up
  • Mastering decks
  • Events, etc!

  • Trade Posts:
    Before you join, you need a place to store your stuff, also know as a trade post. To make life easier for you and for your fellow TCG members, you should separate your cards--at least into groups of keeping and trading. You are also required to keep a detailed card log, showing how you got every card. The final thing you need on your site is a way to contact you, either a form or an email link, so you can trade.

    Example Categories:
    • Collecting: For decks you are currently collecting and trying to master
    • Future/Keeping: For decks that you plan on mastering later, but are not focusing on at the moment (but are still accepting cards from them in incoming trades)
    • Trading: For cards that you don't want to collect or keep at all and are willing to trade away

    Sub categories aside, one thing that you are required to have on your post is a detailed log showing every card and currency that you gained and lost. This includes trades, games, activities, freebies, services, etc. For trades, it's recommended that you number them to count how many cards you traded each time.

    The final component that you need on your trade post is a way to contact you. Some suggestions are:
    • A form on your site that players can send you trades through
    • A note about what your e-mail is
    • A forum thread where players can offer you trades (optional)
    Examples of a few well-made tradeposts are: Marina's, Lex's, Dayanara's. There are many more out there too ♥


    All regular decks at Urbanity have 16 (sorry!) cards in each and are all worth 1. While, special decks have 12 cards are worth 2 and are rare, they are marked by their 'sp_' filename and gradient colorbar.
    Categories: They are divided in 8 categories: Activities, Cities, Countries, Attractions, Food, Transportation, Misc and Special- these are subjected to change.
    Member cards: Every member has his/hers own member card. Every member card is worth 0. You can collect every member card once. Member cards are your personal identifier for submitting information and trading on this site. They are unlimited.
    Regular Card (Worth 1) Member Card (Worth 0) Special Card (Worth 2)


    In order to get cards, you must play games! Here at Urbanity our games are divided into 3 different sets. These are rotating games, in that each week a set becomes playable. The order in which games are played are as followed: The Café, The Casino and The Club. The Library games can be played every month. Each set is updated automatically for easier game play. Meaning that you do not have wait until an update is made, you can play the games right away.
    In the event you need assistance with a game, you can follow up in The Lounge and seek help.

    Chapter 2- Additional Concepts


    Once you have collected all of the cards in a deck, you have mastered the deck! This means you cannot trade away any of these cards (except for doubles, of course) but you will receive some rewards for doing so. For every regular card deck you master, you receive 2 regular cards of choice, 3 random regular cards and a random coupon. For every special card deck you master, you receive 3 regular cards of choice, 5 random regular cards and a choice coupon.

    Leveling Up

    When you join Urbanity, you begin at level one and work your way up through the levels. The requirements for each level are posted here. The rewards for leveling up are 1 regular cards of choice and 4 random regular cards.
    Level Cards Difference
    Level 1001-100You start here!
    Level 2101-200+100
    Level 3201-350+150
    Level 4351-500+150
    Level 5501-700+200
    Level 6701-900+200
    Level 7901-1200+300
    Level 81201-1500+300
    Level 91501-1800+300
    Level 101801-2100+300
    Level 112101-2600+500
    Level 122601-3100+500
    Level 133101-3600+500
    Level 143601-4100+500
    Level 154101-4600+500


    Urbanity's form of currency are coupons. Their usage is restricted to trade ins for cards. They are not trade-able. You'll earn them in games, events and activities. They can be mixed or matched in different ways to earn some lovely rewards :)
    Tip: Coupons garner more cards when combined!
    Below are just a few combinations; more will be added soon.

    Random: 1 random card

    Choice: 1 choice card

    4 random match- 2 random cards from choice category

    4 choice match- 2 choice cards

    6 random house- 3 random cards from choice category

    6 choice house-3 choice cards

    Jazz Club: 1 random special

    Opera: 1 choice special

    Downtown mix: 1 choice card and 2 random cards from choice category

    Uptown mix: 2 choice and 3 random cards from choice category


    Trading is a major part of any TCG and even more important in an miniature TCG. It seems sometimes we get so engrossed in earning cards by any means that we forget about the vital aspect of a trading card game. For every 16 cards you trade, you will get 2 random cards and a random coupon.
    An example of what is considered a good trade is:
    Dayanara traded puertorico03, opera09 for Maron's museum16, frenchriviera08 that counts as 2 blocks since you traded a total of 2 cards.

    You do not have to utilize a trade card, but you must keep track of your trades via a log of some sort.
    » Member cards do not count towards your total!
    ⦁ Once you get 16 trades, reedeem your trade card or log in the memberpanel.


    Below are all of the current achievement badges you can earn at Urbanity.
    Holiday Badges
    Christmas Winner '16
    Birthday Event '17
    Valentine's Day Event '17
    St. Patrick's Day Event
    Summer '17
    Easter '17
    Halloween '17
    Ultimate Trader (trades 100+)
    Ultimate Master (mastered 100+)
    Creation: city
    Creation: activities
    City Dweller (Active 1 yr +)
    Urban Warrior (Active 2 yr +)
    Governor (Active 3 yrs +)
    Dual Membership

    Chapter 3- Fine Print


    As stated previously, this is a mini TCG, meaning that I will update when I can. If I could, I would update biweekly but my life doesn't yield to that. Since, I'm a busy person and you probably are as well, updates will be at least once a month-definitely. I will try to aim for more than that but I'm currently working 2 jobs, so we'll have to see. The games on the other hand are automated and do not need announcement of when they will update. They are ran on a week by week basis of when they will update. However, which games to play does differ from week to week.


    The beauty of this TCG is that you can start playing immediately, you do not have to wait for approval like other TCGs. You can start once you have received your starter pack, tradepost is up and labeled. When you start, you can play games, and take freebies posted the same month that you joined.
    FYI, everyone has a memberpanel in which you can update your trader information, view self-help forms and trade with other members. Trading is important here people!
    Games are fully functional and automatic, so that you can play them according to their switch date(week of). Feel free to keep playing the games even if I am away, the main point is that this TCG can go on without me, I am simply here to add cards and pop in from time to time :)
    Now that you know a little more about Urbanity, why don't you join?